An ancient fortress rich in history and culture where we welcome only 12 people, where we have chosen to be a link between our guests and the territory, giving the opportunity to discover and rediscover the pleasure of a relaxing stay, the Tuscan countryside in its flavors, traditions, typical cultivations, in the historical recover of a lost dimension, where peace, relax and the country sounds are the added value of an unforgettable holiday.

Our farm is part of the project "Ospiti di Valore" (guests of value) which is an association of resorts of the province of Siena, promoting awareness by guests against energy waste, proposing to share knowledge and respect for local traditions and lifestyle to feel part of the community and live a real life experience of the place.  Furthermore our attention is always given on sustainability, understood as protection of the environment in all its forms. The whole farm organization is being carried out following , as much as possible, natural methods (i.e. constructed wetlands for wastewater recovery). Our framework is based on the philosophy of social respect and peaceful coexistence, treating all people equally and without prejudice, it is gay-friendly.

As a special choice, we have thought the bedroom as the place of rest for our guests: peaceful, panoramic, cozy ambience and therefore no televisions, but books in several  languages to enhance the stay.

What is the real luxury of taking a country holiday nowadays ? 
It’s idleness, but in the Latin sense of the word otium, the doing sweet nothing as opposed to negotium, being driven by time to do one’s daily duties.
Then there’s the opportunity to appreciate ample living space to share with a few privileged people.  A place where you can exercise your senses so often constrained in day-to-day life.  Re-educate your sensations to the smells of the countryside as the seasons change.  Catch the passing glance of a deer and then see the view from a hill unfold, taking in small villages, vineyards and olive groves, woods and beyond, to boundless infinity.  Greedily taste a delicious fruit picked from the tree and find again “that” taste we haven’t enjoyed for so long.  Slide your hand on top of an old hewn table and find in its roughness the fatigue of an ancient hand.


The sound of silence in the night lets us, marvelling, reconnect with our inner selves.