The reconnection to the rhythms of nature is what moved us into this choice of life, following the seasons, the land and its fruits, using natural methods of growing, searching for almost disappeard autochthon plants, applying the methodology of short chain (from producer to consumer) and to guarantee freshness and authenticity of products which we supply in large part to our Restaurant Dulcisinfundo.

The pride of our company is the production of the purest (“DOP”) San Gimignano saffron, ranked among the top in the world for its excellent quality. It is grown, harvested and processed entirely by hand in according to sustenaible criteria, then packed while to protect its fragrance against any imitation. We also produce extra virgin olive oil, herbs, seasonal produce. All excellences to savor again discovering the Tuscan quality and traditions.

Pure saffron DOP of San Gimignano
After centuries, some small local producers, including our farm, have been cultivating saffron in this area again for several years. In 2005 this producer’s association obtained the DOP (Denomination of Protected Origin) which crowned this farsighted recovery action. Main product of our company is just the production of this pure saffron DOP, Grown, harvested and processed entirely by hand according to natural criteria, then packed while keeping intact the stigmas to protect its fragrance. In San Gimignano, Saffron traditional use goes back to medieval times, when the cultivation of this precious flower, crocus, extended throughout the territory surrounding the town. During the flowering, travellers on the Via Francigena could enjoy the image of these fields shading from lilac to purple. Introduced first by crusaders, saffron found in San Gimignano, ideal conditions for a huge development and numerous testimonies confirm its great value as it was the most sought after markets in Europe and North Africa.
Still nowadays, its excellence in the colour, flavour and aroma make it leading the world producers.


In the kitchen Today, appreciated by the best international chefs including those of our restaurant Dulcisinfundo in San Gimignano, it is used for preparing countless recipes and creative cooking. For its eclecticism, it can be used in recipes ranging from starters to dessert. Try it!


Extra virgin olive oil
One of the first recovery interventions in our farm was made to the olive grove, organically cultivated.The property has totally 330 plants, 130 of which in production phase. The oil resulting from the exclusive use of farm olives, is cold-pressed extracted and qualified extra-virgin.
Bottling is made in the farm. The actual production is sufficient to supply our restaurant Dulcisinfundo and satisfy farm customer demands.


Aromatic Herbs
Inspired by the Tuscan traditional herbs cultivation and following our restaurant Dulcisinfundo demand, for several years we have been growing in our garden the most rife herbs. A tiny "giardino dei semplici" where you can smell and admire different kinds of thyme and mint, rosemary, tarragon, chives, sage, marjoram, oregano. Enough to enrich aromas to delicious dishes prepared by our chefs.


The garden
In addition to the pleasure of personally enjoy the taste of past flavours, the restaurant management and ownership of a farm necessarily led us to the organic cultivation of many garden products, designed to supply the kitchen of our restaurant Dulcisinfundo. This creates perfect conditions to the short chain supply which ensure quality, purity and freshness to dishes of our menu. Onions, garlic, peas, zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkins, cabbage, peppers, eggplants, carrots, arugula and other products are obviously available, by seasonal natural change.